The Witcher Console Port Suspended Due To Quality Issues

The Witcher Console Port Suspended Due To Quality Issues

Citing unsatisfactory quality as the reason behind the move , CD Projekt Red has confirmed suspending development of The Witcher console port.

"After recent technical evaluation of The Witcher: Rise of The White Wolf, CD Projekt RED has decided to suspend development of the project," a post on the Witcher's official website reads. "This decision was made because the company saw a high risk that the final product will not meet the quality expectations of CD Projekt RED. We have already started to look for other possible solutions to address this situation."

"This decision was one of the hardest we've ever had to make as a company. We have put our hearts, a lot of our time and energy into this project. Because of that, development was in a very advanced stage. However, there was serious danger that we would miss our target release date, but more importantly to us, that the project would not meet our own expectations of quality. Our main goal is always to make every release better than the previous one. Unfortunately, this project was not going in the right direction. We are now looking into all possible scenarios, and we will do all we can to retain our fans' confidence in us. We simply will not let them down; the quality of our games remains the highest priority," Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt RED commented.

Since The Witcher's release in October 2007 most of the CD Projekt RED team has been working on another major project. Information about this title will remain secret for the time being.

CD Projekt RED promised to reveal the new project in the coming months.