XBox and PS, PS2 Shocked

XBox and PS, PS2 Shocked XBox and PS, PS2 Shocked

Immersion, the company that first produced vibrating game controllers, filed suit against Microsoft and Sony. The company claims that Sony's Playstation and Playstation2 and Microsoft's XBox controllers violate two patents on its sensory feedback technology.

The consoles of both Sony and Microsoft, feature controllers which shake and vibrate according to various events in the games. This technology was first created for use in the Medical and automotive fields and later found a use in video games. Immersion claims that at least five companies, officially license the technology from them for use in game controllers.
Negotiations for a settlement between the companies involved, had been going on for quite some time, "We felt that the negotiations were not going to converge," said Patrick Reutens, Immersions vice president of strategic relationships and legal affairs.

The company went public in 1999 and has yet to turn a profit, it is suggesting however, that it will use all available resources to pursue the suit, which was was filed in federal court in northern California, and claim damages.

Sony and Microsoft have not yet responded to the news although it is safe to assume that their legal departments must have been aware of the breakdown in negotiations.