XBox Live Now Changed to Live Later

XBox Live Now Changed to Live Later

While initially announced for an August 25 release, XBox Live Now will have to wait until mid-september. The enhancements to the Live service are promised to be widespread and exciting.

All changes, improvements and additions will be visible through the Xbox Dashboard. When you fire up your Xbox in mid-September (without a game in the tray), you'll be able to enjoy the new look and new capabilities.

Some Live Now Features

You'll get to your Friends list right away, in the Dash, without going through Account Management or starting up a Live game. On your Friends list, you'll see who's online and what game they're playing. If you want to invite them to join you in a new game, you can send the invite from the Dash! This makes it so much easier to hook up with your friends and get in a game.

You'll also be able to set up a Voice Chat session from your Dashboard.

XSN Sports, as introduced at E3 2003, will also be launched

Account Management is also on the main screen and has all the account management options that you have all come to know. If you just can't deal with change, just select Main Menu, and you'll be right back in the comfortable old main menu.