Xbox One and PS4 Record The Last Few Minutes Of Your Game


The year is about to role over into 2014, you've just had Christmas and your parents/partner/friends/brothers/underhanded dealings have bought you a brand new Xbox One/PlayStation 4 for Christmas. When you fire up a game on New Year's eve and get a great combo or a nice kill, you can get it uploaded straight away - because whichever console you have, the last few minutes of gameplay are always recorded.

Where it gets interesting however, is that the PlayStation 4 records the past fifteen minutes of gameplay, whilst the Xbox One will record just five minutes of previous gameplay. Both consoles however, will allow for content sharing at the touch of a button, sending the last few minutes of footage off to social networks and/or the console's own social platforms.

Microsoft however, has been touting its voice recognition services through the Kinect 2.0, suggesting that you can just say "Xbox, record that," when you do something cool, meaning you won't need to stop playing to have a record of your finest kills.

Comparatively the PS4 will require users to press the share button in order to bring up the last few minutes of footage, though its partnership with Ustream will allow for a more established platform to share on.

Of course these aren't really big features for average gamers, who don't really do much beyond show their friends the odd kill they got, but for pro and semi-pro streamers, this could be a very interesting feature set.

What do you guys think?

[Cheers CVG]

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