Xbox One S could ditch disc drive in All-Digital Edition coming in May

Microsoft could be looking to expand its array of Xbox One consoles even further this May with rumors pointing to a "All-Digital Edition" of the console. It will reportedly be based on the mid-tier Xbox One S system and will drop the optical disc drive entirely, offering a cheaper, leaner system that relies exclusively on downloadable and streamable games. However it could come in at under the $200 price point, making it the most affordable Xbox One console yet released.

Eurogamer highlights that rumors about a digital edition of the Xbox One have been swirling around for the better part of a year, but that they've been kicked into high gear with some additional sources confirming earlier rumors. They point to a May-time release for the system which will be almost identical to the Xbox One S, but without the disc drive.

Other versions of the Xbox One could be planned for later this year as well. Those same sources claim that Microsoft is working on a cheaper version of the standard Xbox One, which would retain the internals and disc drive, but would make some savings somewhere to try and get the price down to around the $200 mark. There is also said to be a "Fortnite Edition" in the works which would ship with custom artwork and perhaps some VBux for the game's store.

Would you be interested in buying an Xbox One if it was that affordable, or ditched the disc drive?

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