XBox Revamped for E3

There are, apparently, quite a few rumours that Microsoft are currently working on changes to XBox, changes which may be announced at this years E3 show in May. Details of what changes exactly may be implemented however, are vague with rumours turning into opinions. Each person submits their own wishlist of changes, whenever asked about them, for what is, after all, the most loved/hated console out there.

The more likely of those, opinions, have to do with the uncomfortable bulk of the console. XBox is fast gaining a reputation as the ugliest and possibly the most uncomfortable of the next generation consoles, complaints range from, it won't fit anywhere, to those gamepads were made for freaks.
A reduction to XBox's overall size is the most likely and obvious change but it will require a redesigning of the console's components, something which is unlikely to come cheap for MS. Another possible change, is the flatenning of the top so that XBox may be stacked, as part of a multimedia system. Other changes may be less obvious and may have to do with the current Linux attempts or ModChips that are available. Any new version, it is almost certain, will come with XBox Live software preinstalled.

The release of a redesigned XBox will, at first glance, seem a not so prudent move by a company that is losing a considerable sum of money on every unit sold. It will also seem unlikely that a company that is so deep inside its hype over the unprecedented commercial success of its unit, will wish to offer a revamped version therefore shifting sales momentum from its current product.
If Microsoft do decide to go ahead with a revamping of their console, some other forces may be at work. Obviously any change will be hailed as evidence of MS's continuing commitment to improve XBox, the real story behind it however, may have to do with other less apparent reasons. Internal changes which will attempt to secure the console against hacking attempts or even privacy and security issues arising from the use of XBox Live, may well be reasons forcing a revamp. As is the possibility of the need to implement new media licensing procedures since services from Microsoft are expected to soon be made available to subscribers.

Whatever the changes Microsoft may already have in mind, let's use this opportunity to let them know what we would like to see changed in any revision of the console. Feel free to use the comments section of this story in order to inform MS of what changes you believe would make your XBox gaming experience, Unforgetable.

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