Xbox Series X may bring back 1 vs 100

Xbox Series X may bring back 1 vs 100

The 101 player quiz show game from the Xbox 360 era, 1 vs 100, may make a triumphant return on the Xbox Series X, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer. In a blend of more modern battle royale-style mass gaming and classic British Quiz shows, 1 vs 100 randomly selected a single player from a pool of 100 to compete in a game of know-how against the other 100. Despite its popularity — over 2.5 million people played during its just two seasons of play — it was canned after just over a year and a half, never to be seen again.

Or was it?

Now Phil Spencer is talking about reintroducing a quiz-show idea to the Xbox platform and may draw on inspirations of the past to do it.

"Maybe we should even be building our own trivia game, like from our past, that allows people to play a trivia game more often, maybe that could happen…" Spencer said during a recent attempt at a livestream. Although it ultimately failed and he apologized, this tidbit has older Xbox fans excited for what could come in the next few months. Does Microsoft have plans to revitalize this long-beloved and long-lost classic gaming experience?

Spencer has teased as such in the past. As VG247 highlights, in a 2019 interview he said that there had been a lot of internal discussion at Microsoft's Xbox division about bringing back the quiz show format. They weren't married to the idea of it being 1 vs 100, but certainly the format was worth reinvigorating.

If Microsoft were to bring back a quiz show, would you want it to be in this format? Or do you have another style of quiz show that you'd prefer it was inspired by? The whole format could easily be recreated in a variety of ways. It's not like it's graphically intensive or massively complicated compared to many other Microsoft games.