XBox Wins Brain Scan War

In what can only be described as a marketing move, British electronics stores, Dixons hired a psychologist to carry out brain scans on ONE gamer while playing games on the XBox, PS2 and Nintendo's GameCube.
Dr David Lewis measured the brain wave patterns of a 28 year old subject while he played Project Gotham racing on the Xbox, Gran Turismo 3 on the PlayStation 2 and Wave Race: Blue Storm on the GameCube. The scientific value of this research is almost negligable and no conclusions could be drawn from One subject playing different games.

For the record however, senior researcher Anthony Hemming, who worked with Dr Lewis on the tests said "The most striking feature was the surge in output at certain frequencies, which indicates a high level of cognitive interest".
He also added that the XBox generated brain waves, were very different to the PS2 and GC ones. "The brainwaves associated with those games revealed a more relaxed and less engaged state of mind".
Well any brain activity while playing Wave Race would be a surprise...

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