XFire Beta

XFire Beta

Ultimate Arena announced that the beta version of Xfire is now available.
Xfire automatically tracks when and where gamers' friends are playing PC games online. With one click, gamers can instantly join their friends' games. Xfire also supports in-game Instant Messaging notification, which alerts friends playing online when a buddy is ready to jump in.

Xfire users can:
- Join a game already running with one click
- Automatically be alerted when their friends are playing online
- Find and play with friends of friends
- Inform friends that the user is interested in playing a particular game

Xfire's user-friendly interface lets gamers know when, where, and what game their friends are playing at any time. Xfire supports numerous server and non-server based First Person Shooter, Real Time Strategy and Role Playing games.

Games supported by Xfire currently include: America's Army: Operations, Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike, Dark Age of Camelot, Dark Age of Camelot - Shrouded Isles, Diablo, Diablo II, Dungeon Siege, EverQuest, Halo, Lineage, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Meridian 59, Neverwinter Nights, PlanetSide, Quake, Quake III Arena, Starcraft, The
Temple of Elemental Evil, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Warcraft III, Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, XEvil, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy XI,
and more.


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