You can now pay for overpriced GPUs with Dogecoin

Ah Doge, how far you've come. Following its recent surge in value and permanent meme status within the cryptocurrency community, Doge can now be used to pay for PC components and gaming PCs at Newegg.

Originally created as a joke to clown on the interest shown in the then more legitimate cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Litecoin, Doge was created in 2013 and for many years bumbled along worth just fractions of a cent. Following some Twitter jokes by Elon Musk and a surprising surge in interest from the crypto community, Doge has exploded over the past year, rising more than 8,500% in value. Today it's worth close to $0.4 per token, making some Doge holders millionaires.

Maybe now they can actually afford a new RTX GPU.

They'll certainly be able to use some of the Doge to buy it, as Newegg now accepts Dogecoin for just about everything on its online platform via Bitpay. It joins Bitcoin as the second cryptocurrency accepted by Newegg and could help expand its use to other platforms in the future.

“The excitement and momentum around cryptocurrency are undeniable, and the recent surge in Dogecoin value underscores the need to make it easier for customers to make purchases with this popular cryptocurrency,” said Andrew Choi, Sr. Brand Manager of Newegg. “We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re happy to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech.”

Are you a Doge holder? Would you consider spending some of it at Newegg for new hardware?

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