Your No Man's Sky character might be a monkey with a fez on

Your No Man's Sky character might be a monkey with a fez on

No Man's Sky has proved to be not quite as exciting as people initially hoped, though still a strong success for small indie firm, Hello Games. While a lot of questions remain about the universe in which the game is set though, there is one that is puzzling people the most: what are you?

You, as in the player. Are you a man? A robot? A floating ghost body with no legs or arms to call your own?

In reality, it may be that you're a fan in a suit, made of a strange yellow clay. Or a monkey with a fez on. These are two very real possibilities, as while digging through the game's files, one dataminer has discovered too models just like that, as well as a reference to Half Life 2, a bloated looking shark, a giant squid of some sort and files that suggest the game was originally prototyped on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

While the mystery of what your character actually is may remain for now, one that hasn't persisted is the multiplayer one. There is no multiplayer functionality in No Man's Sky, other than that you can see if another player has visited the same planet as you.

Although the developers originally hinted that the game was just too big to ever bump into another player, when two players were on the same spot on the same planet at the same time, they couldn't see each other.