A Zen 2 Threadripper CPU may be on Geekbench with 35% boost

AMD's third-generation Ryzen processors are some of the best chips it's ever released, helping to improve competition against Intel throughout the product stack. But what about Threadripper? AMD's HEDT platform has pushed the boundaries of what's possible with tonnes of cores and it may well do so when the third-generation drops at some point in the future. We may have a hint of just how capable it will be too, as a new result on the Geekbench benchmark results site may well be for a new-gen Threadripper CPU.

The entry is clearly an engineering sample, with a codename of AMD 100-000000011-11. It's listed as having 32-cores and 64 theads, so the same as the top-tier Threadripper 2990WX. Its base frequency is listed as 3.6GHz, which is 600MHz higher than the 2990WX. There's also 128MB of L3 cache. Double that of the 2990WX.

All of this results in a massive performance improvement. The single core score was 5,677, while the multi-core score wasn't far off six figures with 94,772 points. In another test it managed 5,932 in singlethreaded performance and slightly less in multithreaded workloads, as per WCCFTech, suggesting perhaps a higher boost clock at a lower core count.

Compared with a 2990WX, this is a dramatic improvement. That chip scores around 5,300 in single threaded points, and 70,000 in multi-threaded workloads. A 35 percent improvement in multicore workloads and between 5 and 10 percent faster in single threaded is an amazing bump for this sort of chip, where singlethreaded workloads would rarely be completed.

And this might just be the beginning. AMD is rumored to have a 64-core version of Threadripper 3 waiting in the wings. If that's true, it should blow every HEDT chip Intel has out of the water.

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