Zynga Platform Launched

Zynga, Facebook's largest game developer, announced the "Zynga Platform".

As part of the initial roll out, Zynga will debut the beta release of Zynga.com, the company's new destination for social games. In addition to serving up popular Zynga games, Zynga.com will let players discover and play social games created by third party game developers.

"Zynga.com is built with the goal of bringing players more ways to connect with more people on a new destination dedicated to social games," the company said in a press release. "Zynga.com will enable players to meet and connect with other players who share a love for social games, ultimately giving them more friends to play with. Players will progress faster in their games by tapping the entire community to instantly get what they need to complete quests, obtain virtual items and advance to the next level."

Zynga.com will be fully integrated with Facebook. It will allow players to log in with their Facebook ID and easily play games with their existing Facebook friends, as well as other people who love to play the same games.

Investors and analysts have always warned that over-reliance on Facebook is Zynga's Achilles heel. The Zynga Platform might be the company's first step towards severing those ties.

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