Off-Road Drive Patch


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Off-Road Drive is the next title in the famous off-road driving simulation series.
Cross-country driving in specially tuned Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is the real challenge for determined and tough extreme sports drivers. This sport becomes more and more popular across the world every day.
Off-Road Drive lets players participate in various international competitions never seen before in a video game. All virtual contests are the exact duplicates of the real ones, including various extreme driving and use of the rules established by the international auto sports federations.
Vehicles in the game have the same features as the real prototypes. Each one belongs to a certain class suitable for certain competitions and fully complies with the international requirements. While completing the tracks in varying difficulties, players not only control the speed and heading of the vehicle, but locking the main, front and rear differential gears, using the winch, shifting into low gear and adjusting tire pressure.

Patch readme:

- Optimization of the game server carried out, its workload increased;
- The network game is optimized;
- Activation key check before the LAN game start cancelled;
- Game crash during movies at Windows 7 and Windows Vista fixed;
- Occasional crash at game exit fixed;
- Occasional game freeze at loading fixed;
NOTE! This update will revert all user defined settings and as well as manually modified files.

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