The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SE v1. (+35 Trainer) [HoG]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SE v1. (+35 Trainer) [HoG]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SE v1. (+35 Trainer) [HoG]

Text file description:

                      _______    ______________________
                     /      /   /
                    /      /   /
                   /      /   /   ____    ____    ______
                          /   /   /       /   /   /  /  /
                         /   /   /       /   /   /  /  /
                        /   /   /     //   /  /  /
                       /   /   /       /   /   /     /
                   \__/   /___/____ __/   /___/     /______/
         The Team from HomeofGamehacking proudly presents
         Skyrim - Special Edition v1. +35 Trainer
     @ Trainer Notes @
       Game Version:......v1.  Trained by:.....iNvIcTUs oRCuS
       Release:.................STEAM  Tested on:..........Win 10 x64
       Chiptune:.............No Music  Date:...............10/04/2018
       MD5 Hash (SkyrimSE.exe):......05D427940E46EEF481FC9BF5AFE1BC7F
                   Trainer Design by:......iNvIcTUs oRCuS
      Available Options
         Hotkeys                           Funktion
           @           @
               Num 0                     Unlimited Health
               Num 1                     Unlimited Mana
               Num 2                     Unlimited Stamina
               Num 3                     One Hit Kill
               Num 4                     Magic Weapons
               Num 5                     Get Arrows
               Num 6                     Zero Weight
               Num 7                     Super Jump
               Num 8                     +20.000 Gold
               Num 9                     Set Talent Points to 255
               Num / (Divide)            Instant Dragon Shouts
               Num * (Multiply)          Get 50 Dragon Souls
               Num - (Subtract)          Collisions On/Off
               Num + (Add)               God Mode On/Off
             Left CTRL + Num 0           Talent Points (Vampire)
                                         !!! Only available with
                                             Dawnguard DLC !!!
             Right CTRL + Num 0          Unlimited Inventory
             Right CTRL + Num +          Super Speed
                        Instant Talent Upgrading
             Left CTRL + Num 1           Sneek
             Left CTRL + Num 2           Lockpicking
             Left CTRL + Num 3           Pickpocket
             Left CTRL + Num 4           Speech
             Left CTRL + Num 5           Alchemy
             Left CTRL + Num 6           Illusion
             Left CTRL + Num 7           Conjuration
             Left CTRL + Num 8           Destruction
             Left CTRL + Num 9           Restoration
             Right CTRL + Num 1          Alteration
             Right CTRL + Num 2          Enchanting
             Right CTRL + Num 3          Smithing
             Right CTRL + Num 4          Heavy Armor
             Right CTRL + Num 5          Block
             Right CTRL + Num 6          Two-Handed
             Right CTRL + Num 7          One-Handed
             Right CTRL + Num 8          Archery
             Right CTRL + Num 9          Light Armor
     @ Additional Notes  @
                       --->>> Virus Warnings <<<---
                First of all... I can't handle all possible
                antivirus programs so far out there.
                Some antivirus solution detects always a virus
                in my trainers. All of my trainers are packed
                and/or encrypted. On "" you can
                see that some scanners report it as xxx Packed.
                The best results i see with "VirusBuster".
              Num 4 - Magic Weapons
              Ok you know that there are some magical weapons
              in the game. And when you attacking an enemy they
              lose their magical charge.
              Activate this option and these weapons are allways
              fully charged...
              Num 5 - Get Arrows
              Activate it and open your inventory to see the
              effect. If all goes well you'll get 999 units of
              every arrow type you currently own...
              Num 6 / Num 8 - Zero Weight / Add Gold
              Activate this option and open the inventory to see
              the effect.
              Num / (Divide) - Instant Dragon Shouts
              When you shoud something you have to wait to scream
              once more...
              Activate this option before you use any of the
              dragon shouts. Now you must not wait anymore to
              scream again...
              Num / (Divide) - Get 50 Dragon Souls
              This cheat is simple as it is...
              When you activate this cheat you get 50 dragon
              souls. Activate this option and open the shout menu
              to see the effect. You need at least 1 dragon soul.
              Num - (Subtract) - Collisions On/Off
              With this option you activate/deactivate the ingame
              When this cheat is active than you can walk through
              all things (walls, objects, allmost everything).
              And you can walk through the air...
              Num + (Add) - God Mode On/Off
              Activate this option and your health, mana and
              stamina won't decrease. Your arrows (lockpicks?)
              also won't decrease and you can always run.
              It doesn't matter if you are carrying to much...
              Left CTRL + Num 1 - Unlimited Inventory
              Activate the option and then "eat" or decrement
              your desired item(s) and deactivate the option...
              The next time you open your inventory you'll see
              that you have 100 units of the item(s)...
              Left CTRL + 1 ... 9 / Right CTRL + 1 ... 9
              These options are simple as they are...
              Use it by this way...
              Example... Activate the option "One-Handed" by
              pressing [Right CTRL] and 7 at same time.
              Go to the talents menu and slide to the "One-Handed"
              tab. You'll see that the bar is at the maximum.
              Now take a one hand weapon and kill an enemy to
              upgrade your "One-Handed" level.
              Go to the talents menu again and you'll see that
              your "One-Handed" level is at the maximum value.
              The other talent upgrading options are working by
              same way.
     @    Final Words    @
            ---> We are currently looking for experienced <---
                 - trainer makers
                 - nfo makers
                 - gfx'ers
                 - HTML and/or PHP programmers
                 - chiptuners
             when you think you are able to support us in any
                      other way... so let us know...
     @ grEEtZ / thx @
              DNA, fr33k, Acubra, ti6, maluc, dr.oLLe, FLiNG,
                         dEViATED, d!zzler, Psych
                and the whole German Gamehacking Community
                   Join us at
             A very special thanks fly out to Magic_h2001...
                       Thanks for your *.V2M Player
                   NFO created by iNvIcTUs oRCuS
                       Last Update... 11/2012

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