Far Cry 3 v1.03 (+24 Trainer) [AOBETA]

Far Cry 3 v1.03 (+24 Trainer) [AOBETA] Far Cry 3 v1.03 (+24 Trainer) [AOBETA] Far Cry 3 v1.03 (+24 Trainer) [AOBETA]

Far Cry 3 v1.03 (+24 Trainer) [AOBETA]

Text file description:

                                             Far Cry 3 1.03 DirectX 9 & 11
                   For trainer options see below
                   >Press INSERT to enable our trainer in game<
                   > Enable the trainer first and use the hotkeys or buttons!
                   Your Options:
             Numpad 0 > Unlimited Health
             Numpad 1 > Unlimited Stamina
             Numpad 2 > Unlimited Money
             Numpad 3 > Unlimited XP
             Numpad 4 > Unlimited Oxygen
             Numpad 5 > Unlimited Ammo
             Numpad 6 > No Reload
             Numpad 7 > Unlimited Explosives
             Numpad 8 > Super Accuracy
             Numpad 9 > No Recoil
             Page Up  > Unlimited Backpack
             Page Down> Unlimited Skill Points
             F6 > Super Speed
             F7 > Super Jump
             F10 > Invisible
             Number 5 > Unlimited Syringes
             Number 6 > Enable Weapon Slots
             Number 7 > Way Point Teleporter <- You need to store 1 waypoint first
             then you have to enter the world map again / now you can keep
             using this option as you like! want to go to a mission location?
             You then just store a waypoint very close to this mission location.
             Insert key > Unlock World Map
             End key > Increased Zoom
             Del key > Unlimited Armour
             HOME Key > Air Walk
             Teleport Options > Number 8 > Store Location Number 9 > Restore Location
             Number 0 > Undo Restore Location
              If you happened to be on windows 7,
              please make sure to turn off Windows UAC!
              also try run our trainers by right clicking the trainer
              and select to run as administrator!
              Trained by > Me Linus
              Tune > Hybrid Song
              Enjoy this new trainer by AOBETA!
              greet's and all of that to the ones keeping it real,
              and to our familys and close friends and my dog Rambo!
              A big thank's to LinGon for help out on trainer source!
                     Stay tuned for more trainers from us soon!

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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