dR.oLLe House of the Dead 3 (+2 Trainer)

House of the Dead 3 (+2 Trainer)


House of the Dead 3 (+2 Trainer)

Text file description:

  A  G  E  S
         Title...: House.Of.The.Dead.3.Plus.8.Trainer
          Author..: WHITEY
           Type....: Trainer
      Date....: 13/02/05
       Options.: 8
   Size....: 1xsmall
          ^^^^^        ^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           No             1      F1 - Infinite Health
           No             2      F2 - Infinite Credits
           No             3      F3 - No Reload
           YeS            4      F4 - Auto Rapid Fire
           No             5       U - One Hit Kill
           YeS            6       I - Freeze Enemies
           YeS            7       O - Mass Kill
           YeS            8       P - Slow Motion Enemies
           Use the same key to toggle the cheat on/off.
        TRAINER NOTES!!!!!
         F4 - Auto Rapid Fire
         This option turns your shotgun into a mighty instrument of
         death,your new weapon expels about 4000 rounds every blink of
         an eye and you don't need to hold the trigger down either :)
         I - Freeze Enemies
         Enemies will no longer advance toward you.. they now have
         the ability to MOVE, RE-MOVED from them. :)
         O - Mass Kill
         Kills everything on screen..
         P - Slow Motion Enemies
         Apart from the super gun this is probably the next best option,
         enemies will now walk with the speed of SID SLUG carrying his
         friend ERNIE ELEPHANT. :) This option enables you to see the
         cool gfx and animations of the monsters that are usually far
         to quick.
         GENERAL NOTES!!!!
         The options for this trainer were bashed out a day or so ago,
         due to console conversions being nasty to work with, it
         took extensive testing on some of the options to make sure we
         didn't crash the game.. saying this.. there are certain
         parts and CREATURES that are not affected by certain options..
         this is because otherwise manipulating these creatures on their
         set path caused an exception.. or stopped gameplay elsewhere..
         so if you come across a pig on level 100544 that doesn't freeze
         don't worry.. just use the weapon options to make pig flavored
         wallpaper. :)
         AGES is looking for affils..
         Contact us at team.ages@hushmail.com
                               Gfx by the Dynamic Trio: w0, s! and cH
                                Dedicated to beer, drugs, and medicine    

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