PLITCH Trainer For Idle Slayer

Idle Slayer

Where You Can Get Stuck in Idle Slayer:


  • Grinding for Slayer Points: Progress can feel slow and tedious.
  • Unlocking the Village: A tough milestone to achieve.
  • Balancing Game Mechanics: Managing resources and upgrades can be tricky.
  • Overcoming Tough Enemies: Some zones have notably difficult foes.
  • Achieving High-Level Ascensions: Requires strategic planning and time.


The PLITCH Trainer:

Supported Cheats:


  • Add Coins
  • Change Game Speed
  • Adjust Jump Height
  • Reset Coin Count
  • Increase Slayer Points
  • Unlock Levels
  • Instant Kill Enemies
  • Multiply Rewards
  • Freeze Time
  • Infinite Energy
  • Activating these cheats allows: Easier progression, overcoming tough sections, and experimenting with game mechanics.


How the Trainer Works:

To get PLITCH up and running:


  • Download the Client: Grab it from here or the PLITCH website.
  • Install and Search: Automatically detects installed games.
  • Choose Cheats: Custom hotkeys available, but optional.
  • Overlay Application: Available on the Microsoft Store.
  • Mobile App: Activate cheats via Android/iPhone.


Benefits of PLITCH:


  • Safe: Virus tested.
  • Easy: Plug and play functionality.
  • Free: Many cheats available for free, premium options also exist.
  • Updated Versions: Consistent patches for compatibility.
  • Support: Reliable customer service for troubleshooting.


The PLITCH Idle Slayer Trainer is an essential tools to enhance your gaming experience, making even the toughest parts of Idle Slayer easily manageable and adding a new layer of fun to the game.

Trainer FAQ