Resident Evil 6 v1.5 (+49 Trainer) [Wilsonso]

Resident Evil 6 v1.5 (+49 Trainer) [Wilsonso]

Resident Evil 6 v1.5 (+49 Trainer) [Wilsonso]

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Resident Evil 6 +49 Trainer v3.0 by wilsonso (

## Important ##

You are advised to backup your save data before using this trainer.

## Disclaimer ##

The trainer author, expressly disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the quality or reliability of the trainer offered. The author should accept no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any other property, person, or corporation which results, directly or indirectly, from the downloading of, installation of, compilation of, and use of the trainer.

* To run this trainer, you should have .NET framework 4 installed. You may download this from

## How to use ##

Model Swap:

- You are recommended to install the model swap patch first in order to avoid crashes. To download the patch, go to

- You may use the "Force Showing..." options to make the game display the missing parts.

- If you find that the shading is unnatural, you may disable the shaders.

Inventory Modifier:

- Select the items that you want.

- Check "frozen" for modified items.

- Restart from the checkpoint (or start a new game).

- Note that you item data will be saved.

Unlock "Horizontal" Weapons:

- Only effective in-game. It will unlock all weapons in the horizonal slots for the current player.

Full Ammo:

- Only effective in-game. It will set the amount of ammo to the default maximum value for the current player.

Mutated Hand Fix:

- As its default amount is 0, checking this option will set its quantity to 1.

Camera Modifier:

- The camera will reset very often in-game, so you should always "freeze" the modified values.

## Known Issues ##

- If a gun is assigned in a vertical weapon slot, after equipping this gun, you cannot equip other weapons in the horizontal slots through the quick menu. To solve this, you need to use the main item menu.

- If characters are swapped in campaigns, events will usually not be triggered. So you can only swap the costumes in campaigns.

- If custumes are swapped, the cutscenes will not display the character textures properly.

## Version History ##


- Updated the support for BH6.exe version

- Added the "Melee" hack.

- Added the "Walk Through Wall" and "Teleport" hack.

- Added the "Never Stunned By Bullets" hack.

- Added the "Vehicle Never Damaged" hack.

- Added the "Infinite Missiles" hack.


- Updated the support for BH6.exe version

- Added the support for the character "Agent".

- Add the "No Recoil" hack.


- Updated the support for BH6.exe version

- Added translation functions for drop-down box items.

- Added the "Vertical Weapon To Horizontal Weapon Switch Fix" button.


- Fixed the "frozen" bug for the skill modifier.


- Added support for different languages.


- Added the model swap hack.

- Added the shader hack.

- Added the "rapid fire" hack.

- Added the skill modifier.

- For better customizations, the trainer is now classified by characters.


- Fixed minor bugs.

- Added the camera trainer for the "aiming" camera.

- Added the option to freeze the camera values for all orientations.

- Added save / load functionality for the camera trainer.

- Added the "No Aiming Blur" hack.


- Added the camera trainer.

- Added the invincibility hack.

- Now the "full ammo" hack is selective for different types of slots.

You are welcome to report any bugs and give suggestions.

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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