Rogue Stormers b3100 (+6 Trainer) [LIRW]

Rogue Stormers

Rogue Stormers b3100 (+6 Trainer) [LIRW]

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Rogue Stormers Build 3100
  ,         ,    ...
   x86  x64      .    x64        ,  x86     x64.     .
Endless ammo.
Endless Mts
Infinite money.
Endless keys.
First, run the game and then trainer and activating it in the main menu of the game, click the button interesting options ...
Trainer only for x86 to x64 who do not whether the other can do. As on x64 and you can play in one or the other version, and on x86 will not play in the x64. In general, for greater compatibility.
Author	LIRW
Added	22.04.2016

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