The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins

The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins

The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins

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Broken-Helix Presents:
*** The Sims 2 Nude Female Skins, volume 1***
I have made nude versions of all 4 default skin types in nudes since A.) I could not find any pre made, and 2.) I simply dont enjoy the "nice" Sims skins :p
Keep an eye out for a few more of my packs, I expect to finish Volume 2 soon with a more complete set of erotic clothes, tattoos n other stuff.  There is a preview of some of that in the pack now.
This mod affects only a set of custom skins and dose not actual replace the original Sims skins, so far you will have to make a few new characters.  The new skins work for the teens, elders in addition to the adult females. These skins offer a bit of variability and are not just a "spray job".
tip: just installing this is not a guarantee of seeing the shrubbery.  You can't see much yet unless you do a bit of clothes moding and / or remove the censor blur.  However, I am sure if you know what to do with these you can overcome these other obstacles.
If they dont suite your needs tough.  However, feel free do what ever you like with these files and their textures accept say "YOU" made em.
P.S. like I need to say it, share it if you like it.......


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