MS Will Not Deny Halo Movie Details


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The news about the, so-called, Halo movie deal keeps coming in, as entertainment magazine, Variety reports that Microsoft has spent 1 million dollars in order to secure the writing talents of Alex Garland.

Better known for his book The Beach and his screenplay for 28 Days Later, Garland seems as a very worthwhile investment and is bound to generate a positive buzz regarding the prospects of a Halo themed movie. According to the newest rumor, Microsoft has asked Garland to utilize the stories from both Halo games in order to create one movie.

The most interesting aspect of this latest Halo Movie story is the way that Microsoft has chosen to respond to it. When asked to comment on Mr. Garland's possible involvement in the project, an MS spokesperson, responded by praising the success of the games and added, ...we have not, however, made any official movie announcements.
While definitely not a confirmation of the Variety story, the reply does suggest that Microsoft is enjoying the interest such a possibility has generated.

Having watched a variety of game-to-movie projects crash and burn, the latest such case being Alone in the Dark, Microsoft is trying to make sure that its current flagship franchise escapes a similar fate. All that we can hope is that Microsoft's refusal to deny any Halo movie rumours is a sign that there might be some truth to them. If that is the case, the notion of any movie directed by Ridley Scott and penned by Alex Garland cannot be anything but appealing.

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