Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon 2

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2

Episode 2:
Successfully complete Episode 1 to unlock Episode 2.

Episode EX:
Successfully complete Episode 2 without the Zanmatou to unlock Episode EX.

Final Episode:
Successfully complete Episode 2 with the Zanmatou or complete Episode EX to unlock the Final Episode.

Zangetsu form:
Successfully complete the Final Episode to unlock the Zangetsu as a selectable form.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Cleave the Moon (Platinum): Obtain all of the game's trophies.
Unity & Determination (Gold): Finish Episode 1.
The Dragon's Silhouette (Bronze): Finish Stage 1 for the first time.

Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:
384,400km Beyond (Gold): View the ending earned by finishing all the stages in the Final Episode.
Luna Secare (Gold): Finish the Final Episode using only Zangetsu.
Oath of Reunion (Gold): Finish Episode EX.
That Woman, Dominique (Gold): Obtain the Zanmatou and finish Episode 2 without using Stage Select.
The Moon's Lament (Gold): Finish the Final Episode with at least one comrade.
The Words She Spoke (Gold): Finish Episode 2 without obtaining the Zanmatou.
Unbreakable Bonds (Gold): Obtain the Zanmatou and finish Episode 2.
Chains of Fire (Silver): Finish Stage 5 for the first time.
Is That Really Necessary? (Silver): Finish the 7 normal stages of the Final Episode.
Muted Cries (Silver): Finish Stage 7 for the first time.
Raging Chariot (Silver): Finish Stage 3 for the first time.
The Demon's Crown (Silver): Finish Stage 8 for the first time.
The Queen's Dirge (Silver): Finish Stage 4 for the first time.
The Titan's Sarcophagus (Silver): Finish Stage 6 for the first time.
Unleash The Power of the Zanmatou! (Silver): Acquire the Zanmatou in Episode 2.
Enchanting Deception (Bronze): Finish Stage 2 for the first time.