Pirates of the Caribbean - God mode for self and your ship

Pirates of the Caribbean - God mode for self and your ship

God mode for self and your ship

Sails and ship crew unaffected. Press A, Y, X2, Y2, B, Y, X, A during gameplay on land.

Get Neutral reputation

Press A ,X, Y, X, Y, B2, Y, B, A during gameplay on land.

Get 50 Skill Points

During gameplay while on land press A, B, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A

Get 100,000 gold

During gameplay while on land press A, X, Y, B, Y, B, X, B, B, A


During gameplay while on land press A, Y, X, X, Y, Y, B, Y, X, A

Get Neutral reputation

During gameplay while on land press A ,X, Y, X, Y, B, B, Y, B, A

Hidden Photos

When you enter the Inca Maze you can see in the first part of the Maze writings on the floor. It's a sun sign and a skull sign. Follow the sun signs until you get in a room with the a sun sign pointing at a wall. Walk through this wall and you will enter a large room. This room is filled with photos of creators of the games with the names beneath it.

Final Battle

message: After you have taken the Magical Ball at the Incan fort you will face the Black Pearl. Rember to activate your ability while doing battle with the Black Pearl to do extensive damage the ship. This will enable you to defeat the Ghost Ship.

Fast money hint

To get quick money First look at your trade book and find a island that has a certain item as a contraband and smuggle that item in by talking to the smuggler in the tavern and tell him u have some items to sell. hint its easier if u buy the contraband item for an island exporting it to get it cheaper. now go to the place where the smuggler tells u to and sell it to him. now the way to get the money is u WANT to get caught. The guards will come up and talk to u. no matter what u say they will end up fighting u so tell him whatever then RUN get back to your ship. now when u go to the ship in the bay there will be 2 or 3 ships waiting for u from that country. now these ships are always frigate which if captured will haul u in about 90,000 piece. there easy to capture because all the ships are badly unscrewed the most I have seen one have was 40 guys on the ship. So I take the ships and sell them. the boat i used for this was a schooner

Hire an officer for nothing

If you have 3 or more leadership this could work for you. At the tavern where the officers are at. talk to one and say how much are you asking for. then say isn't that too much for you. he will agree and lower down his price.but if he doesn't don't worry keep trying. Also you could them give you money.

Easy Experience

To get some easy experience points simply do the following. First, when you level up, make sure you make STORM NAVIGATOR or something like that one of the abilities you pick, as this will reduce storm damage by 40 Then go find a storm. When you enter the storm lower your sails so they take less damage. The longer you stay in the storm, the more experience points you get. Also, if you make EXPERIENCE SHARE one of your abilities, then all of your officers will get experience points as well.

Run Away Tip

If you run into a group of baddies you think you cannot beat then run away and go past the last point where the game loads and they won't follow you.

Raise Reputation

On the top of this page, you will see a cheat that allows you to get 100,000 gold. Keep doing that cheat until you have about 500,000. Then go to a church and talk to the priest. When you talk to him, tell him you want to make a donation and then select 5,000. If your reputation is neutral, it will take 2 or 3 donations to get yourself up to bloke. Then from bloke to matey, it will take 4 or 5 donations. If you keep doing this up until you get to hero, then everybody will deal with you.

Unlimited Experience

This is far along the english governors quest. In the quest called "get details from the governor" you will need to attack an english frigate protected by the fort in greenford. before you begin this mission turn god mode on ayxxyybyxa and then attack the frigate. after you have captured the frigate you can then start attacking the greenford fort, you will get 1000xp for each cannon destroyed and there are unlimited cannons to destroy. I racked up about 300,000xp in about an hour before I got bored. Its best to speed up the game and rotate side to side shooting from both sides of the ship with your sails up. one caveat is that all of your crew will be killed.

Incas temple guide through maze.

If you plan to go to the Incan temple go to the maze after Clement and Danielle talk to you, go through the hall defeat the pirate skeletons go to the left from where you came from look at the symbols on the floor follow the thing that looks like a square sunnot the skullsand it should lead you to this place where 2 skeletons are defeat them and go to the square in the center of the room put the idol there and a door will open go through the door and you will be in the alcove the rest is easy you'll figure it out.

Fast money

To get fast money at Oxbay go to loanshark's house go to the tavern and then come out and walk to the tree in front turn right and walk forward to the house go in and talk to the man and when he ask's how much you want there will be three to pick from pick the more the better the man will give you 3000 gold and there is a box that you can put stuff in it just put the money in it and keep taking his money but when the French take over the man will give you more 12000 gold.

Easy Money

Go to any shop and ask to talk with them. An option will appear that asks the owner if he has any supplies that he needs delivered. If you do this with bigger ships you can get at least 30,000 dollars a trip. All you have to do is travel to another island of his choosing and deliver the goods to that islands store. I have 4 battleships and I have gotten up to 190,000 dollars for just one trip.

Easy Money: take two

While ferrying goods between islands is a good way to make a profit, there is another. It depends on your Commerce skill. When hiring an officer, simply talk to him and say that he's charging too much. No matter what he does lowers his price or says he's worth it refuse and once again tell him he's charging too much. Persistence pays off, even if it seems he won't lower any further, give it time and he will. You can lower them into the NEGATIVE numbers, and when you hire them they will pay YOU. I've pulled off 200,000 gold on one officer with this trick. NOTE: Your Commerce skill comes into play when they lower their prices, a formula would be CommerceSkill x 100 = lowering price. So if you have a Commerce skill of 1, they will lower it by 100, 2 is 200, 3 is 300, and so forth.

Pirates of the Caribbean

You can add more than one person onto your other 3 ships and all of their scores will stack with that ships captains scores.

There are two different ways to do this

1 On the Open Sea screen where you can see all of your ships get close to another of your ships and a swap cargo icon will appear. Go into the swap cargo menu and there is an option to switch captains. Under this option there is a screen that has 4 slots, one of them is the captain of that ship. Click on one of the other 3 and then assign passengers to each one. When you do this the DISAPPEAR from your passenger list. You will need to get more party members at the tavern if you want to fill up all your ships. DON'T sell the ship with the other 3 crewmembers still on it. You will lose anyone that is still on board.

2 The second way to do this is to capture a ship and do it when you assign a captain to the captured ship.

Easy money

Make sure you have a high commerce skill. Then go to the tavern and find an officer that's for hire. Ask him how much he costs and he will tell you a lower price. Then say that's still too much. Then talk to him again and ask him how much he costs. He will now say the second price he offered. Tell him it's too much and he will lower it again. Keep doing this until it goes into the negatives. Basically, he will be giving you money for you to hire him.

Easy Money

board a ship, kill everyone, and look in the chests places on the oposite ship for jewelery. Try your luck. I have a collection diamonds and golden nuggets an rings, and too many potions
Submitted by Chris

Easy money

Ask for any loansharks house and ask him give you money then dont pay him.
Submitted by Miguel Angel

Big heads

During game play on land prees : X,Y,X,B,Left Stik,Right Stik.And The Peoples will hawe Big Heads
Submitted by STeFyY

Easter Egg
When you first enter the Labrinth in the Incan Temple,Dannielle and Clement should make you go through the middle entryway. Keep going straight until you enter a different room. Go rightKeep an eye on the floor. You will see a skull and a sun. Follow the sun If you went the right way, you will see a room with break in the wall, look on the floor and you should see a sun and a skull. As you enter the room, run into the right wall. You should go through the wall. Look at all of the portraits. Those are the Crew who had a part of the game they helped make the gameLook on the floor, you will see the AKELLA logo.