Grand Prix Evolution


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The latest Grand Prix World Championship incarnation is something different now and you are one of the drivers. You'll have the chance to drive incredibly powered vehicles, up to 200k HP, these last generation "cars" are equipped with turbine engines that can easily reach 1200 Km/h, floating on a magnetic surfaced track with sudden turns, ups and downs and tunnels.

The 2100 Gran Prix Evolution Championship tracks are located on various different locations on Earth and Moon, the vehicles are completely closed and you'll wear pressurized suits to sustain the incredible acceleration and g-forces during the race.
Choose a team and lead it to the very top, gaining credits to buy new, more powerful engines and magnetic pods to improve your vehicle's performance.

Race against the CPU driven cars with no mercy strategy making them smashing against the outer bounds of the raceline and wisely choose the timings for refueling at the automated Pitstop system.Learn how to drive with the Single Race mode and then embrace the real GPE World Championship challenge against with the network Champioship!

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