Full Metal Soccer v1.0

Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0 Full Metal Soccer v1.0


Full Metal Soccer is a fast-paced multiplayer game in which two tank soccer teams battle each other. The game is set inside a futuristic arena in the distant future. Each player controls his own tank from first-person-perspective and tries to achieve the primary target of every soccer game: shoot more goals than the opposing team. The player has some special weapons and skills at hand that help him to control the ball and fight his opponents.


There are two teams fighting each other inside an arena. Whoever scores more goals within the given time wins the game. If both teams score an equal amount of goals the round is a draw. There is no penalty kick, offside or punishment for fouls, Full Metal Soccer is a rough sport! If you ram or shoot your opponent to pieces, it will only buy you a small amount of time until your enemy respawns.
After a goal is scored the game continues as normal. The ball is respawns in the center of the playing field after a few seconds, so take care to move into position in time.

Tanks and Equipment

Each player controls a six-wheeled APC-style tank which has a turret that can be rotated independently from the tank body. In the following sections each weapon and special skill of the tank will be discussed in detail to explain the possibilites that each player has to lead his team to victory on the battleground.

Main Cannon

The Cannon mounted on the turret shoots projectiles with a ballistic trajectory. These projectiles explode on impact and have different effects on ball and tank. If you hit the soccerball directly, the ball will move away from the point of impact physically correctly (like a billiard ball hit by the cue ball). If you do not hit the ball directly, the explosion of the projectile will still have a profound effect on the ball and catapult it away from the impact location.
If you hit another tank with your main cannon, two things happen: A small amount of damage is dealt to the tank (it is possible to destroy a tank with the main cannon). In addition, a moving tank is slowed down. These two features should not be underestimated and the skillful Full Metal Soccer player will use it to his advantage.

Tractor beam

Additionally, there is a tractor beam mounted to the turret. This beam has no effect on other tanks but strongly affects the ball. If the soccerball is hit by the rays of the beam, it is dragged towards the tank. The tractor beam can be used in a wide range of situations, to either stop or accelerate the ball as the player sees fit.


The boost skill is nearly self explanatory. This skill can be used to move accross the arena very fast, intercept an opposing tank or to increase the damage done with the ram bucket. The boost has only a limited amount of energy which recharges slowly over time, so use it wisely!

Ram bucket

The ram bucket fulfills two major roles in Full Metal Soccer. First, it does heavy damage when ramming another tank with the claws of your bucket. Second, it helps you to better control the ball if you can manage to get it in between your claws. Practice a bit and you will be able to drive curves with the ball staying in front of your tank.


Use the body of your tank to either stop or deflect the ball or to block an opponent to your tactical advantage, but always watch your health bar!

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