MoleMan MoleMan

This 2D Sidescrolling Autorunner is about MoleMan, who helps finding Love for poor blind moles! It can be played with Mouse & Keyboard or Controller.

There are two ways to play MoleMan:

Keyboard + Mouse


Fly Up: W | Up-Key | Controller Left Stick
Fly Down: S | Down-Key | Controller Left Stick
Aiming: Mouse | Controller Right Stick
Shooting: Left CTRL | Left Mouse | Controller Back R
Pause: ESC | Controller Start
Screenshot: F6 | Controller Back L


Training: To practice aiming, based of Easy Difficulty and without Ducks
Classic: Four different Difficulties, the Goal is to make 10 Mole Pairs, Highscores are only saved offline
Endless: Based of Extreme Difficulty, no goals except to get the highest score possible, highscores are saved online