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To undo the death of his only son, a young man embarks on a dangerous journey to a legendary place where wishes are granted. Set in a mystical and magical swamp, Schein is a witty puzzle jump ‘n’ run which puts the player in the role of a young man who is plagued by fate. As the situation seems hopeless a will-o’-the-wisp named “Irrlicht” lends him the power to bathe his sur-roundings in color and thus uncover new paths.

Key features
• Mysterious dimensions: Use different colors of light to unveil new dimensions and manipulate your environment. Discover new paths, avoid hazards and learn to trigger mechanisms to overcome obstacles.
• Brain-twister: Use your ingenuity and take advantage of the light to solve complex puz-zles and continue your journey through the swamp.
• Ingenious Soundtrack: Our exciting, specially commissioned soundtrack builds up sus-pense and creates an eerie atmosphere. Crank it up and immerse yourself even deeper in the mysterious world of Schein.
• Mighty monsters: Ancient creatures inhabit the swamp and are not easily persuaded to let you pass. Use what you have learned on your journey to defeat them and gain new powers.
• Lost souls: Throughout the swamp linger the souls of other adventurers who have peris-hed. Collect these softly glowing orbs to unlock secret levels.
• Gripping Story: Discover the tale of the magical swamp and the journey of the witty main characters in fully synchronized dialogues and cut scenes.
• 2.5D graphics: While Schein is played in a 2D-style it features full 3D graphics and atmospheric environments.

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