Aliens Colonial Marines Looks Awful


Well there goes all my excitement for what I thought was going to be one of the coolest games of 2013. I've been watching Aliens Colonial Marines develop over the past few years: getting excited when new information was released and despairing when it looked like it might have been cancelled. Now it's finally here and I was hoping against all hope that it was going to be good, despite the trailers looking sub-par graphically and the Left-4-Dead style multiplayer making my stomach churn.

And how did it fare? Horribly. Everyone hates it and you can even run through levels without shooting and survive, the AI is that dumb.

I'll add the caveat that I haven't played it yet, but when everyone is suggesting 3/10 is about the best it's worth, it's hard to see any good in it. Just watch some gameplay footage too, the graphics are awful. This is a game that's been in development for over five years. And it's from Gearbox, you know, the guys that made Borderlands 2. So what went wrong?

Well it sounds like a lot of the single player was farmed off to other developers, but in reality, it looks like a Duke Nuke'm Forever (also developed at Gearbox) situation, where development went on too long and it was ultimately made as more of a cash in on a franchise than an effort to make anything unique or interesting.

Let's face it, when you can make GIFs like this one, your game is broken beyond belief.

Anyone else really saddened that this game didn't turn out anywhere near as awesome as they hoped?