Battle for Troy Released

Battle for Troy Released Battle for Troy Released Battle for Troy Released

ValuSoft, a division of THQ, announced the release of Battle for Troy for PC. This epic battle of the Trojans versus the Greeks will be available at retailers throughout North America for USD 19.99.

Although the game does immediately bring the upcoming summer blockbuster to mind, this game is not officially associated with the movie. It is however a smart move from the developers and they seems to have gotten their release timing spot-on.

Throughout two extensive campaigns, each with eight challenging missions, players will take command of nine unit types including spearmen, swordsmen, archers, cavalry and healers to create an invincible army. Selecting their allegiance, players raise their sword to command their Trojan army to protect Helen and her new kingdom from the relentless Greek onslaught. Alternately, by taking command of King Menelaus' Greek alliance, players take their place deep inside the Trojan horse as a raging warrior to lay siege against a rebellious Troy and restore the honor of their crestfallen king.

ValuSoft is bringing real-time strategy game play to the market at a price point typically overlooked by other publishers, states Doug Clemmer, President of ValuSoft. Battle for Troy allows players to quickly engage in cunning attacks and full-scale battles without the rote memorization and hours of trial-and-error typically found in real-time strategy games.

Throughout the game, players will build their legions by snatching hordes of gold and collecting mystical relics to remain in favor of the divinities. Amassing armies, gamers will rely on their heroes to wisely unlock special attacks to defeat the opposing forces.