Deus Ex 2 Creates PC - Console War

Deus Ex 2 Creates PC - Console War

Gamers can breathe a sigh of relief as one of the big titles of the holiday season will, surprisingly, meet its announced release date. Eidos and Ion Storm confirmed that Deus Ex - Invisible War has gone gold and is expected to meet its release date of 3 December.

The recently released demo of Invisible War raised quite a few questions and caused many fans of the original game to question the developers plans for the sequel, with many claiming that the game had been greatly simplified in order to make it more suitable for console gaming. Warren Spector of Ion Storm posted on the IS forums defending the game and claiming that the criticism was premature and flawed because it was based on the demo.
One characteristic comment by Spector, regarding the console, PC questions is as follows We're as dedicated to the PC as we are to the Xbox. There are folks out there who feel like we went over to the dark side. I just don't buy that. (In fact, we've been "dinged" by console gamers for making too-PC-centric a game as often as we've been dinged by PC gamers for making a game that's too consoley!) Here's the bottom line for me: I've always believed that gamers want good games, across all platforms. We delivered the game experience we wanted to deliver, regardless of platform. Having said that, we've heard the comments about some of our UI choices on the PC side and we want to address them, whether through an updated demo or a PC game patch or both.

Spector also promised that Ion Storm will be accepting feedback and will follow-up issues either with a revised demo or a patch.

The posting by Mr. Spector also includes a comprehensive Deus Ex - Invisible War FAQ which addresses various issues and some technical questions raised by the demo.

To read the complete Deus Ex - Invisible War FAQ follow the download tab above.