Don't Starve Hamlet leaves Early Access

Klei's every popular Tim Burton-esque survival game, Don't Starve, has a brand new piece of DLC you can buy and it's not in Early Access anymore either. Hamlet takes the game in a very different direction, much like the Shipwrecked DLC did. It converts the standard Don't Starve experience into something more civilized, giving players who have spent years ranging around the wilderness crafting their ramshackle forts and bases, a chance to return to society.

Pig society.

You can still play as Wilson, or any of the other W-named characters in the game (along with a few new ones), but you'll be scouting around some decidedly different locales.There are ancient ruins to explore, a giant pig village to inhabit if you wish, pig guards, new buildings, craftables, weapons, biomes, weather systems, new bosses, and more.

One major addition for new and old players though, is the ability to enter certain buildings. You'll be able to step into shops and craft a livable home for yourself, with storage, hat racks, shelving, food stuffs, and more enjoyable accommodation all round for a much more civilized existence.

Don't Starve Hamlet is available on Steam right now priced at $7.

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