EA Cancels C&C Tiberium For Being Substandard

EA Cancels C&C Tiberium For Being Substandard

A leaked internal EA memo revealed that Command & Conquer-based squad shooter, Tiberium, has been canceled.

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce an end to all work on Tiberium effective immediately," the memo wrote be EA LA executive producer Mike Verdu reads. "I've consulted with Nick Earl and Frank Gibeau at the EA Games Label and together we have reached the conclusion that given the time and resources remaining, we will not be able to deliver this product to an appropriate level of quality."

The memo goes on to say that some of the game's development team members will be transferred to other EA projects while others will have to be laid off.

More interestingly, the memo also warns other EA development teams that "The quality bar has been raised. Now we need to step up our focus on great design and execution, catching any problems early and correcting them quickly."

EA refused to comment or authenticate the leaked memo, but they confirmed that Tiberium has been canned indeed.

"EA has suspended work on Tiberium effective immediately," said Mariam Sughayer, EA spokesperson. "The game was not on track to meet the high quality standards set by the team and by the EA Games Label. A lower quality game is not in the best interest of the consumers and would not succeed in this market."

"This decision will result in some individuals being released. However, EA will make every effort to place talented people on other projects. Eligible employees will receive severance and outplacement support."