Epic Games Store gives some money back if your games go on sale

It's frustrating if you finally throw your wallet at the screen to buy a game you've have your eye on for ages, and days or weeks later it goes on sale with a big discount. If you'd only waited just a little longer, you've have saved a bundle! That's not so much a concern on the Epic Games Store, it seems, as Epic is now issuing small refunds to those who feel they may have missed out on a deal by buying a little too early.

Picked up by Twitter user @Jboggsie, this "Partial Refund" sees you given a little money back if a game you recently purchased goes on sale soon after. We don't know what the cutoff for this kind of refund is, or how much you get for it, but it's a wonderful gesture all the same and shows that Epic Games can afford not to milk its customers (and developers) for every penny. A welcome move for all gamers.

This could end up earning Epic more money in the long run anyhow. There are many gamers who will only buy during sales to maximise their investment in the gaming hobby, while others will likely forget about a game by the time that sale rolls around, because they not longer care about it. But if you can buy a game and potentially receive a refund if it happens to go on sale soon after, sales could well increase.

Does this make you more likely to buy games from the Epic Store?

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