EVO To Launch Online Games Store

Envizions Computer Entertainment announced that the EVO: Direct Online Gaming store will go live on July 5, 2006. The online store will make available a variety of games from Action to RPG titles. Customers who click on the EVO: Direct link will have access to hundreds of titles with game descriptions and free trials or demos.

Customers will be able to burn copies of games and pass them along to family or friends for a limited number of trials. Our goal is to gradually introduce an array of PC game titles over the next few months in anticipation of the release of the EVO: Phase One Media Entertainment PC. We hope to merge EVO: Direct into a more enhanced online gaming community as EVO continues to evolve, commented Derrick Samuels, Envizions CEO and Founder. EVO: Direct is a great fit for Envizions since our ultimate business model will be more e-distribution content as we move forward with our hardware goals, Samuels added.

Evo: Phase One is a multimedia entertainment hub which will integrate many different functions into one system. Evo will take the place of your DVD player and PC. It will also act as a digital video recorder allowing you to pause and records live TV. Evo will allow you to play three different types of games: PC, online, and the new customized Evo: Phase One games. The Evo: Phase One also has movies, game previews, short films, anime and thousands of other programs on demand with the Akimbo video on demand service.

For further information on Evo: Phase One read the MegaGames EVO Q&A

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