G.Skill breaks RAM speed world record again

G.Skill breaks RAM speed world record again

As expected with the new generation of DDR5 kits, the world records keep on being broken, and we're now just a few hundred megahertz (or mega transfers if you want to be specific) from the magical 10,000 mark. The single stick of G.Skill Trident Z5 memory was overclocked using liquid nitrogen to hit an unprecedented 9,560 MHz, easily eclipsing the previous record of 8,888 MHz from just a few weeks ago.

DDR5 memory was available for some parts of early 2021, but it really began hitting the shelves after the launch of Intel's Alder Lake CPUs in the Fall. Since then it's been very hard to find at reasonable prices, but for those that do have it, the performance potential is huge.

RAM makers in particular have been showing off just how far you can push this new generation of memory, with world records being broken again and again in recent months. This latest one takes it to new heights, however, breaking the 9GHz barrier, and then some.

The 16GB kit of G.Skill Trident Z memory was plugged into an Asus ROG Maximum Z690 Apex motherboard and paied with an Intel Core i9-12900k. When put under the liquid nitrogen, the kit was pushed to 9,560MHz, with timings of 127-120-120-120-127-2. That's a near 100% speed increase over its default DDR-4800 rated speed.

Those sorts of loose timings make the actual performance of this kit probably quite lacklustre, and it wouldn't be something you could use even frequently thanks to the LN2 demands, but still, it shows DDR5's potential. Watch this space for 10GHz in the coming weeks.