GTA: Liberty City Stories - First Details

GTA: Liberty City Stories - First Details

The UKs Official Playstation 2 magazine has had the chance to chat with Rockstar games about its forthcoming PSP title, GTA: Liberty City Stories. The first details about the game to emerge are not exactly what most expected.

-The game will have shorter missions, Rockstar expects missions to be under half the length of those in GTA: SA i.e. from 5 minutes in SA to 2 minutes in LCS. Cut scenes will also be shorter to GTA: SA.

-Rockstar claims the combat system will be a major improvement on GTA: SA, a statement which raises the question; is it better than the PC and XBox versions too?

- The game will have its own radio stations and a selection of fully licensed songs but the variety won't be as extensive as in GTA: SA. It is assumed that the music will be from 1998 as it is mentioned that the cars will originate from that era.

- A lot of time and effort was spent by Sony and Rockstar trying to get the balance right in order to fit the game in a single UMD.

- Rockstar has designe GTA: LCS with the habits of handheld gamers in mind; not sure if that's good or bad but there you go.

- Finally, when asked about the release date Rockstar seemed determined to take as long as the game needs but did say ...Sometime at the end of the year...October, November, September if we work really hard.
Apparently GTA: SA for PS2 had to be rushed and as a result a lot of features were dropped. We still wonder if the people who bought San Andreas feel upset about that or just not interested? Also were those features included in the PC and XBox versions, since they were released much later? All questions which will, most probably, never be addressed by the game's developers.