Hardcore Gamer NoteBook is Here

Hardcore Gamer NoteBook is Here

VoodooPC has announced it has expanded its notebook line with the introduction of the Voodoo ENVY Heavyweight u:909 Notebook, the world's largest and fastest mobile gamebook. Measuring 17.5" x 12.5" x 1.75" and weighing in at 16 pounds, the Voodoo ENVY Heavyweight u:909 Notebook is powered by the AMD Turion 64 processor and is THE ideal alternative for anyone looking to replace their desktop without sacrificing performance.

Loaded with a feature-set sure to have PC gaming enthusiasts foaming at the mouth, the Voodoo ENVY u:909 is also perfect for LAN Parties and mobile gamers alike. Featuring the biggest notebook display on the market today - a 19" high resolution mobile gaming display with a resolution of 1680x1050, the u:909 allows users to experience a sharp, vibrant display with plenty of workspace for any application. On the inside, the AMD Turion 64 processor allows users to increase overall performance dramatically without any additional heat load from the processor.

In addition, users can choose between their favorite Dual nVidia SLI or ATi graphics cards. For the hardcore PC gamer, this means the BIG screen provides dual graphic cinema quality gaming with blistering fast response times that are sure to turn heads! The u:909 also supplies ample storage (up to 160GB), allowing users to save more of their favorite photos, music, games, and more, as well as install more office and entertainment applications.

Some additional features include: Voodoo Edge mousing surface, Voodoo ENVY u:909 Performance Motherboard, Voodoo Internal Digital Card Reader 4-in-1, 8X ENVY DVD+-RW Dual Layer Slot-Load DVD & CD Writer, Voodoo ENVY u:909 8 Channel Audio System, and ENVY Theaterbook Immersive Subwoofer. For a complete listing of features or to customize your own u:909, visit VoodooPC.

VoodooPC will begin taking orders for the u:909 on March 9, 2006 with units shipping out to consumers in early April 2006.