IGI 2 - New Libyan Map

IGI 2 - New Libyan Map

The latest IGI 2 addition is now available for download. The new Libyan Village
Beta map is available to those wishing to get their hands on the new Map that
has been in development for the last month. It is a 20 MB download and includes
new buildings, and scenery.

In this mission, IGI operatives have located some papers deep inside the village, which they must retrieve. Once the papers have been recovered a computer virus must be planted in an enemy compound and a fuel dump blown up to cover your tracks.

Note IGI2 must be installed on your PC before you can download this beta map.

It is a Beta map though so may have a few bugs lying around. If you find any
please help us and report them on the Codemasters beta test forum, a link to which you can find by following the download tab above.

These will be fixed in time for the full map update plus previous bug fixes at a
later date.