Lenovo Working On Chinese Kinect Competitor

Lenovo Working On Chinese Kinect Competitor

Chinese company, Lenovo, might compete with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in the console market in the near future when it launches its Kinect imitator, the eBox.

On August 9th, a team of 40 Lenovo engineers was spun off to start a new firm called Beijing eedoo Technology with the published aim of rivaling Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's Playstation brands.

The eBox will be like Kinect in the sense that it utilizes a camera to track player movements without requiring any controllers to be used (unlike Nintendo's Wii and Sony's Move).

The system will be shipped with 30 free games, and will cost something in between Wii's $200 price tag and Xbox 360's $299 price, making it considerably cheaper than an Xbox 360 along with Kinect.

"Our product is designed for family entertainment. EBox may not have exquisite game graphics, or extensive violence, but it can inspire family members to get off the couch and get some exercise," noted Jack Luo, former department chief with Lenovo, and now president of Beijing eedoo Technology.

16 international game developers have already signed contracts to provide games for the eBox.

"I expect more than 1 million eBox's may be sold annually after the first two to three years," Luo said