Make Monster Hunter Rise look even better with RiseTweaks

Monster Hunter Rise isn't quite as much a visual treat as Monster Hunter World was when it launched on PC, but Rise is still one of the best looking Monster Hunter games so far. You can make it look even better with a new mod doing the rounds called RiseTweaks. It adds uncapped frame rates for the cutscenes, the ability to change resolution at will, and improves the stability of ReShade plugins too.

Monster Hunter Rise recently launched on PC around a year after its debut on the Nintendo Switch, and brought with it all of the DLC and updates that have been released since the original launch. It also added a number of new visual features, including better textures, higher resolution support, ultrawide widescreen support, and improved frame rate. With the option of reshade, constrast, coloring, and lighting can all be improved too, making it look that bit better.

You can make it look better again with this RiseTweaks mod, developed by MistressAshai. You'll need to download the REFramework mod too, but that's quick and easy too.

If you don't fancy taking a hand at adding Reshade yourself, NexusMods also has a number of great presets available to load up. They run the gamut from cinematic, through to natural colors with added vibrancy.

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