Metro Exodus to get special Enhanced Edition

Metro Exodus to get special Enhanced Edition

If you've not played Metro Exodus yet, you might want to wait a little bit longer, as a new, "Enhanced Edition" of the game will debut in coming months that will take advantage of the newly overhauled 4A engine used in the game, improving ray tracing and taking advantage of Nvidia's latest DLSS 2.0 for much improved performance, especially when using the taxing lighting system on compatible RTX graphics cards.

Metro Exodus was already a taxing game on any GPU, but if you want to play it with the new graphics enabled, you're going to need a ray-tracing enabled GPU at a bare minimum. That means an RTX 2060, though likely far more capable new-generation Nvidia and AMD GPUs to make the most of the experience.

If you've already bought and played Metro Exodus, 4A Games will look after you. It's promised to use "the same philosophy as [its] Xbox and PlayStation upgrades," and will provide the Enhanced Edition to all existing Metro Exodus owners entirely for free. That's irrespective of where you bought it, be it Steam, GoG, Epic Games Store, or somewhere else entirely.

That will mean re-downloading the new version of the game, as there will be new, higher resolution assets to take advantage of. If you're planning to play at a higher resolution using DLSS, you might want to upgrade your monitor too, but whatever configuration you end up running it at.

Will you be checking out the new Enhanced Edition of Metro Exodus? With new GPUs so hard to come by, it seems like it might not be until later in the year before every fan gets on board.