Molyneux Asks For Donations To Save Curiosity

Molyneux Funds

Peter Molyneux has come out hat in hand, asking fans of his work and his new experiment/game "Curiosity," to donate money to his new company 22 Cans, after server issues with the mobile title have become a major money sink.

Since its release last week, Curiosity has been plagued with problems: server lag, delays between what people have tapped and what others see and connection difficulties. While Molyneux now believes that his team has found the solution to the problem, it's suggested that this will massively increase server costs - which is why he needs your funds.

"We may need help to make the experience truly wonderful, our server costs are going to ramp up with our new fix," Molyneux explained. This was backed up by a statement on his company's website: "We are a small independent developer and due to popular demand we now offer the option for kind people to donate, so that we can make Curiosity the best possible experience it can be. However big or small the donation; it will really help us make Curiosity better."

Some have pointed out that Mr Molyneux has a lot of money himself, having worked for years as a Microsoft executive - leaving them to wonder why he doesn't self finance this final hurdle for the game?

Others have said this was the plan all along. 22 Cans knew it couldn't produce something perfect without more money, so they released early and played in to the issues.

What do you guys think?