N+ Creators: XBLA Crappy Games Burry Good Ones On XBLA

N+ Creators: XBLA Crappy Games Burry Good Ones On XBLA N+ Creators: XBLA Crappy Games Burry Good Ones On XBLA

When asked about the current status of Xbox Live Arcade which they have recently released their famous ninja action game, N+, for; Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard expressed their opinions that the service is plagued with low quality titles which overshadow the few good ones out there.

In Raigan Burns' own words:
"I think the thing with Live Arcade, though, is that I remember the last year and the year before. Two years ago was when we were first talking with Microsoft about doing it, it was really exciting, because Live Arcade had just came out, and they were like, 'Oh, it's new. It's not going to be like retail. There's not going to be all this crap. There's going to be all these small, great, fun things'."

"But now it's exactly the same. There's all these big-budget ones with big publishers making them, and the real problem, I think, is that the same people who are deciding what retail games get greenlit are deciding what Live Arcade games get greenlit."

"I guess it's because they have a lot of power that no one has pointed out that that's the primary reason. Those decisions that are ruining Live Arcade... it's like, who greenlit Word Puzzle? Who green-lit that hoverboard game that's just sh*t?"

"Nick [Waanders] has this racing... do you know Iron Man Off-Road Racing, like the old arcade game? It's four-player, and a little isometric. Nick made a racing game like that, and Microsoft was like, "Well, racing is too saturated on Live Arcade." But that's because they've greenlit like ten really sh*tty racing games. There's no good racing games."

" That's the whole thing. They all suck. It's like, when we started out, we were excited, just like with N. There were 30 games on Live Arcade. If N was one of them, it would stand out. Now there's like a hundred games, and they're all sh*t."

Mare Sheppard concluded: "People are used to seeing crap on there."