New Jersey Parents Protest WiiZapper

New Jersey Parents Protest WiiZapper

Sometimes it looks like "concerned parents" are too eager to be concerned, they end up picking random stuff to be concerned about.

Earlier this week, New Jersey's The Star-Ledger ran a poll on its "Parental Guidance" blog asking its readers to comment on Wii's upcoming "gun-like remote" which allows Kids to "play shooter games, with, well, a shooter". (quotes and emphasis from original question).

"What do you think about making a wand in the shape of a weapon so play is more realistic?", the question went on. "Is it harmful? Will you buy one for your kids?".

Parents' responses were ,to say the least, strongly biased. LilMissJenny said "I've been trying to keep weapons of any kind away from my son because he knows what they are for." A Grandparent wrote "Nintendo ought to be fined for introducing to 4-9 years old kids a "toy" that promotes guns. The next thing you know they will include an application to the NRA in the game." Another reader asked "What kind of message are we sending as parents when we buy these things for our kids?"

Very few readers adopted a more balanced stance. An unnamed Wii fan asked "those people out there who believe that a gun-shaped remote will turn every kid that touches one into a homicidal maniac" not to ruin the fun for "Wii-playing adults who can handle the reality". The same user added that he "grew up with toy guns and also shot a rifle in the sixth grade and never killed anyone....If you don't think it's a good idea, then please, feel free to exercise your right to protest by not purchasing the product".