Nvidia to add driver-level upscaling to all RTX GPUs

Nvidia to add driver-level upscaling to all RTX GPUs

Nvidia is set to follow AMD's lead on upscaling this time around, adding a driver-level implementation of an upscaling algorithm that can work on almost any game, as long as you have the latest driver and an RTX graphics card with Tensor cores aboard. While that might not be easy at the moment, for the gamers who already have one, it's a nice surprise.

Nvidia has been pushing dynamic upscaling in games since the release of its first-generation RTX 2000 graphics cards, with deep learning super sampling starting off as a way to just get ray tracing working with playable frame rates, to a must-use for anyone who has access to it, thanks to its near-lossless upscaling algorithm. The newer technology, deep learning dynamic super resolution (DLDSR) isn't designed to improve performance, but visual quality alone, and it works on almost any game.

Performance is barely affected by enabling it, and you can get a much improved image with apparent resolution leaping visuals. 1080p can look closer to 1440p, and 1440p to 4K, all for little effort or performance hit.

That's an exciting prospect considering it will work with everything Nvidia gamers already have.

On top of this, Nvidia is reportedly working with a modder and author of the ReShade ray tracing filter to introduce some hadow and lighting filters for all games that can be enabled through Nvidia's drivers, making games look better than ever before.

You can download the new driver on January 14.