PayDay 2 Has a new Trailer

PayDay 2 Has a new Trailer

The original PayDay was a nice, different take on the usual gun and gun FPS title. While it didn't have the world's most complicated tactics setup, it did require you to do a little more than sprint full speed towards the end whilst mowing down enemies. Granted, it still involved a lot of bullet spraying at armed police, but mixing these two up is what made PayDay enjoyable. The sequel is looking to amp things up a notch.

The trailer shows our usual masked individuals gunning down bank employees, before taking over the joint and shooting out the cameras. Then there's a fast paced sequence of different scenarios cut together, showing big firefights between our boys and the authorities.

However, tactics could play more of a role in this one, as there's blueprints for a building shown with marked entry points, as well as a camera system, the controlling of which might give you a bit more time before the boys in blue appear.

Visually the game shows a nice improvement over the original, taking advantage of the latest improvements to the Diesel engine that the original used. As this is the latest game to make use of it since the original Payday, it's not clear what other improvements might be there behind the scenes.

As with the original, PayDay 2 is coming from the same people at Overkill Software in Sweden and will be priced at £24.99 on release in August for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.