Prey Update Facts Revealed

Prey Update Facts Revealed Prey Update Facts Revealed Prey Update Facts Revealed Prey Update Facts Revealed

3D Realms has launched the first in a line of weekly Prey updates, which will continue until the game launches. This week's update offers a detailed history of the game and some information about development progress, the things you should expect to see in the press over the next few months and some game fasts.

According to the update Prey started life, as an idea, in 1995 and some initial plans called for the use of the Build engine (Duke 3D) although the team working on Prey at the time finally decided to create is own engine. The most significant changes and progress for development was achieved when Human Head Studios took over the project in May 2001.

Some interesting facts about Prey as a result of the update are:

The Prey 12-minute demo, showcased at E3 2005, worked by recording the developer control input, which was then used during a real-time playback of the game. One sequence created in this way, was recorded over 200 times before the end result was up to developer standards.

<>Prey multiplayer will be known as MultiPrey, Pay was never discussed as an alternative title.

Prey is completely playable from start to finish. The team has been crunching on bug fixing and optimization. Prey uses motion capture for many of the humans in the game, but not the monsters... This was the first time Human Head used motion capture in a game. Prey will be available for PC and XBox 360.

In the coming months a lot of U.S. and European gaming magazines will begin presenting hands-on previews of the game.

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