Qimonda Already Shipped First GDDR5 Samples

Qimonda AG, a leading supplier of memory products, today announced that the company has shipped the industry's first 512Mb GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate 5) samples to customers.

"We are pleased that we can support the GDDR5 activities of our customers with this first sample shipment, which is a major step to ensure the fast introduction of GDDR5 into the Graphics Market," said Robert Feurle, Vice President of Business Unit Graphics at Qimonda.

GDDR5 is targeted to become the next predominant graphics DRAM standard and will boost memory bandwidth of graphics applications to a new dimension. The GDDR5 standard is about to get finalized in JEDEC where industry participants jointly defined this leading edge graphics standard over the last years.

GDDR5 will be available with data rates up to 20GBytes /s per component, which is more than double the band width of the fastest GDDR3 memories today and comes with a multitude of advanced power saving features. First products with GDDR5 memories are expected for 2008. GDDR5 is targeting a variety of applications, starting with High Performance Desktop Graphic cards followed by Notebook graphics. Later on also the introduction in Game consoles and other graphics intensive applications is planned.

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