Quantum releases specs of new HDD

Quantum Atlas 10K III disk drives-with huge capacities of up to 73.4 gigabytes (GB), a 10,000 RPM rotational speed, a 4.5 millisecond (ms) seek time, and a 595 megabit-per-second (Mb/sec) internal transfer rate set a new standard of performance for enterprise and workstation drives. The drives provide superior shock durability and reliability with Quantum's breakthrough Shock Protection System III(SPS III), which guards against one of the leading causes of hard disk failure-mistreatment during handling and integration. The drive also includes Quantum-developed Quiet Drive Technology (QDT) as well as a Data Protection System (DPS). To manage their incredible throughput, Atlas 10K III drives feature today's most advanced interface-the industry leading Ultra320 SCSI.

Storage Capacity: 18.4 GB to 73.4 GB
Average Seek Time: 4.5 ms
Rotational Speed: 10,000 RPM
Interface Options: U320 and U160. Backwards compatible to Ultra2, Ultra SCSI. In 68-pin wide and 80-pin SCA-2.

Estimated Prices upon release (1st Quarter 2001)
18.4GB - $645
36.7GB - $965
73.4GB - $1,450

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